Welcome to Pettit EMC Consulting LLC!

We’ve launched this site so that you can find out all about Pettit EMC Consulting LLC.  Who are we?  What services do we offer?  What got me into consulting?  And, short of going to the long winded biography, why should you think I am qualified to help you with your EMC problems?

Ghery S. Pettit, NCE is the President, Chief Consultant and trainer.  I have been directly involved in EMC matters of one kind or another for the past 39 years.  Like most other folks in the EMC world I did not set out to be an EMC engineer.  But, an opportunity presented itself, I found this to be a fun way to earn a living and the rest speaks for itself.  I got started in the EMC world as a Field TEMPEST Engineer, working for the Naval Electronic Systems Engineering Center in Vallejo, California.  After a bit over 3 years in that job I moved to Denver, Colorado where I worked for Martin Marietta Denver Aerospace for 4 years, performing TEMPEST and EMC work on a variety of projects.  In 1983 I made a serious change and joined Tandem Computers in Cupertino.  Instead of aerospace and other military projects I shifted to the commercial world, working on design, testing, troubleshooting and laboratory design for EMC.  While at Tandem I designed and oversaw the construction of a new 10 meter RF semi-anechoic chamber and a 30 meter open area test site.  Finally, in 1995 I left Tandem and went to work for Intel Corporation, first in Oregon and then DuPont, Washington.  While at Intel I designed and oversaw construction of 2 10 meter open area test sites and a 3 meter RF semi-anechoic chamber while supporting the design and construction of the original 3 meter chamber in Oregon.  I retired from Intel Corporation on June 1, 2015.  While retired from the corporate world I am continuing my work, noted below, in EMC standards development.  Consulting provides a path for maintaining contact with the needs of the users of these standards.  And, it provides you with a path for finding out what is being considered in these committees well in advance so that you are not surprised by changes to standards when they are published.

During my time with Intel I got involved in EMC standards committee work.  ASC C63® SC 1, CISPR SC G and then SC I, IEC SC77B and some work with IEC TC100.  I am a member of ASC C63® SC 1, the US Technical Advisory Groups for CISPR SC I and IEC SC77B and CISPR SC I WG2 and WG4.  This gives me direct input to such standards as CISPR 22/24/32, the IEC 61000-4-x series of basic standards ANSI C63.4 and the development of CISPR 35.  I served as the Convenor (chairman) of CISPR SC I WG3 from 2007 until it was disbanded at the end of 2012.  WG3 was responsible for updating and maintaining CISPR 22 (ITE emissions) and CISPR 24 (ITE immunity).  I have been asked by the Japanese National Committee, which holds the Secretariat for CISPR SC I, to serve as Vice Chairman of SC I (to be confirmed at the SC I meetings this fall in Stresa, Italy) with the intent that I take the position of Chairman in October 2016 when the current chair’s term expires.  As such, I have direct knowledge of standards development work on standards of importance to the computer industry.

I have also been active in various leadership positions in the IEEE EMC Society, starting with serving as the founding Secretary/Treasurer of the Littleton Colorado chapter in 1983 and most recently as the 2014/2015 Immediate Past President of the Society.  I have held numerous positions at the Chapter, Section and Society level in the intervening years.  These offices have allowed me to meet a great many people in the EMC community over the years.

What sort of services does Pettit EMC Consulting LLC provide?  We offer consulting in EMC design, both at the board and system level.  We can provide clients with timely updates on developments in standards that may impact their product designs or regulatory compliance status.  We provide training in various facets of EMC including design, testing, standards and laboratory design.  As the majority of my career has been spent in the computer world this is the focus of my consulting work.  Should you need training in board level design, system level design, EMC standards for ITE and multimedia equipment please feel free to contact me.

I hope this gives you an idea of who Pettit EMC Consulting LLC is, what my background in EMC is and the services that can be provided to your company.  Feel free to contact me at Ghery@PettitEMCConsulting.com or (360) 790-9672 if you have any questions.