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Pettit EMC Consulting LLC offers clients consulting services in the areas of EMC design, EMC standards and EMC product regulations.  Training is available for client personnel in these areas, as well.

Ghery S. Pettit, iNCE is the Chair of CISPR SC I.  CISPR stands for the French words for the International Special Committee on Radio Interference. CISPR is a special committee of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).  CISPR SC I is responsible for EMC standards for broadcast receivers, information technology equipment and multimedia equipment.  CISPR 32 is the current standard for emissions from these products and CISPR 35 is the current standard for immunity testing of these products.   Mr. Pettit has been active in the EMC world for the past 41 years and is a past President of the IEEE EMC Society.

I’m sure that some folks who have stumbled on this web site are confused.  There’s a company called EMC and they’re wondering what this site has to do with them?  The answer is – nothing.

EMC stands for Electromagnetic Compatibility.  EMC is defined in MIL-STD-463A (in 1977) as “The condition which prevails when telecommunications (communication-electronic) equipment is collectively performing its individual defined functions in a common electromagnetic environment without causing or suffering unacceptable degradation due to electromagnetic interference to or from other equipments/systems in the same environment.”  In other words, it means that your product is not generating excessive RF noise and is ignoring electromagnetic signals which might otherwise interfere with its proper operation.

I hope you find the information on this web site useful.  If you have questions, or need additional help on EMC matters, please contact me.

Ghery S. Pettit, iNCE

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