Useful Links

Professional Societies

IEEE EMC Society  –  IEEE EMC Society’s home page

Regulatory Bodies

FCC Web Site  –  Federal Communications Commission’s home page

Code of Federal Regulations  –  U.S. Government Printing Office, Code of Federal Regulations (FCC Rules are Part 47)

EU Harmonized Directives  –  Current lists of harmonized standards for the New Approach Directives in the European Union

Standards Development Organizations (SDOs)

IEC – International Electrotechnical Committee.  CISPR is a special committee of the IEC.

ASC C63(r) – Accredited Standards Committee C63.  C63 maintains a number of important standards, such as C63.4-2014

Personnel Certification Bodies

iNARTE  –  iNARTE, the one world-wide certification program for EMC professionals.

Laboratory Accreditation Bodies

A2LA –  American Association for Laboratory Accreditation.  One of the 4 US accrediting bodies accepted by the FCC for labs testing for the FCC’s Declaration of Conformity process

NIST NVLAP  –  National Institute of Standards and Technology – National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program.  One of the US accrediting bodies accepted by the FCC, and the body through whom laboratories are notified to other national accrediting bodies for mutual recognition.

ANAB  –   ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board.  One of the US accrediting bodies accepted by the FCC.  ACLASS now is part of this organization.

L.A.B.  –  Laboratory Accreditation Bureau.  The 4th US accrediting body accepted by the FCC.