Blog – April 20, 2016

What is the status of CISPR 35?

CISPR 35, the new immunity standard for broadcast receivers, information technology equipment and multimedia equipment is the subject of much interest outside CISPR SC I, Working Group 4 where it is being developed.  People keep asking when it will be published.  This will serve as a quick status update for those who are wondering the same thing.

The Final Draft International Standard (FDIS), the final voting document, for CISPR 35 is presently out for translation into French.  Once this is finished it then goes to the IEC Central Office in Geneva, Switzerland for final editing.  It is expected that the FDIS will be circulated to the national committees for a 2 month vote, starting in early July of this year.  This could happen earlier if all goes well at the IEC.  Assuming the FDIS is accepted (remember, we’ve already had one fail) the IEC Central Office has something like 4 to 6 weeks to publish the standard.  Thus, CISPR 35 could be published sometime in October 2016.  If the FDIS is circulated earlier this time will move up.  In the worst case, this is just before CISPR SC I meets again on November 2.

I hope this helps with any planning you may need to make.  I cannot share the FDIS, so you’ll have to wait until the standard is published and then buy a copy.   BTW, keep in mind that if you know you will need multipole copies of the standard, you can buy multiple copy licenses for the PDF version from the IEC web site.  A license for 20 copies costs the same as 4 individual copies, so there’s an opportunity for savings.

I’ll post a notice when the results of the vote are known so you can then be looking for notice that CISPR 35 has been published and is available for purchase.